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» Bracket Series Information

2015 GLD Bracket Series Program


Winner on Saturday takes $2,500... if you win both days you're going home with $7,500!!!

Looking for the points listings? CLICK HERE!

2015 Bracket Dates

Time Table on Bracket Race Days


Gates Open: 8:00 am
Juniors run from 8:00am—2:00pm
Time Run Session #1 3:30pm—4:30pm
Time Run Session #2 4:30pm—5:30pm
Eliminations: Approx. 6PM Fun Racers run between bracket rounds

NOTE: ***In August Brackets Do NOT follow juniors- The AM hours are open Fun & TNT for ALL


Gates Open: 8:00am
Time Run Session #1: 9:00am—10:30am
Time Run Session #2: 10:30—12:00pm
Eliminations: Approx. 1:00PM
Fun Racers run between bracket rounds

Time table is subject to change due to the weather, oil downs, etc. Always pay attention to the track PA system for calls!

Entry Fee & Payout



Top ET(Box ) - Mod ET( No Box)
Entry Fee: Saturday- Club Gold Member 95.00
Non-member $110.00

Top ET(Box) & Mod ET(No Box) will run separately until the two finalists are determined for the Winner/ Runner-up money.

  • Winner..............$2,500.00
  • Runner-up...........$1,000.00
  • 7th round win.......$400.00
  • 6th round win.......$200.00
  • 5th round win.......$175.00
  • 4th round win.......$150.00
  • 3rd round win.......$75.00


(Both Top ET and Mod ET classes will run 1/8 mile)


Top ET(Box) - Mod ET (No Box)
Entry Fee: Club Gold Member 160.00
Non-member $175.00

TOP ET(Box) & MOD ET(No Box) will run separately until the two finalists are determined for the Winner/ Runner-up money.

  • Winner..............$5,000.00
  • Runner-up...........$2,000.00
  • 7th round win.......$1,000.00
  • 6th round win.......$500.00
  • 5th round win.......$400.00
  • 4th round win.......$200.00
  • 3rd round win.......$100.00


(Both Top Et and Mod ET classes will run 1/8 mile)

Entry fee to enter BOTH days in Top ET and Mod ET:

Saturday & Sunday $225.00 for Club Gold Members, $250.00 for non-Club Gold members.

Street, both Saturday & Sunday:

Entry Fee: Club Gold Member $40.00. Non-member $45.00

Payout for Street, both Saturday and Sunday BASED on 16 CAR FIELD:

  • Win...........$200.00
  • Runner-up......$100.00
  • 4th round win...$50.00
  • 3rd round win...$30.00

Street runs 1/4 mile.

Bike\Snowmobile\ATV both Saturday & Sunday:

Entry Fee: Club Gold Member $65.00. Non-member $75.00

No Box Class

Payout for Bike\Snowmobile\ATV, both Saturday and Sunday:

  • Win............$325.00**
  • Runner-up......$130.00
  • Semi finals....$60.00
  • If there are less than six entries in this class, payout will be winner take all based on entry count for that event.

Bike, Snowmobile and ATV run 1/4 mile.

Club Gold Info:

** You must be a member of Club Gold to earn points and to qualify for the ET Finals

Club gold benefits:

    There are $$ rewards for the Club Gold Bracket Racers... Reduced cost entry with membership!
    We keep your points for the Summit Finals.
    If you qualify, and are a Club Gold member we pay your entry fee for Summit Finals in Martin MI.
    As a member you are eligible for Club Gold points prizes at the end of season.
    Club Gold members can reserve a grass pit park spot for all the brackets (included in the membership fee).
    Club Gold Members who prefer asphalt parking have the option of reserving an asphalt spot for the season, for an additional cost. Asphalt parking is limited to only Club Gold Members during bracket weekends

Interested in joining club gold?

Contact Claire either via email: gld.claire@live.com, or in person by asking for Claire at the Torque Alley Tap!

Quick Glance Rule Guide

For a complete rules list: ask MaryAnn at the PIT GATE for the GLD Trak Pak (this will also be posted on GLD's website soon.)

E.T. Breaks (ET ranges for each class.) All vehicles must follow IHRA safety rules!

  • TOP ET (Box).........4.50-7.75 (in eighth mile)
  • MOD ET (No Box)........5.70-8.99 (in eighth mile)
  • Street..................12.00—slower (in 1/4 mile)
  • Bike/Snowmobile/ATV.....Open

Basic Rules of the combo format for TOP ET & MOD ET:

  • Racers in each class will race each other, until we are down to one finalist in that class.
  • The TOP ET winner will run the Pro winner for the grand total winner & runner-up money!
  • If there is an uneven amount of entries in the TOP ET or the MOD ET Class, a racer will get to skip a round and wait until a finalist is determined in the other group. The semifinalist is determined by what racer went the extra round when we are down to 2 left overall.
  • If there is an even amount of cars in both classes, then there will be two semifinalists.

Race Entry Policy

  • Entry in more than one bracket is allowed, but it is your responsibility to be on time for the appropriate class. If you are not, you will be disqualified.
  • One vehicle using two different numbers cannot be entered into the same class.
  • A vehicle may only be driven by one driver during eliminations. Only one driver per class. No sharing (or changing) vehicles once eliminations have begun.


  • Slicks and D.O.T. tires are allowed.


  • TOP ET(Box): delay boxes and timed throttle stops only. No down track throttle stops, timers, stutter boxes etc.
  • MOD ET(No-Box)—only a trans bake and/or two step rev. limiters are allowed. No throttle devices, BOXES MUST BE REMOVED!
  • STREET—no devices of any sort are allowed; foot brakes only. Line lock on the non-drive wheels permitted.
  • BIKE/SNOWMOBILE/ATV: NO delay boxes


All races count for points total.

  • Awarded to the driver only, unless you sign up as a team before May 15, 2012. All drivers must be registered for this. Maximum 3 drivers per team, and no driver can be registered on more than one team in the same class.
  • A vehicle can be substituted, but only before race day and only if it is driven by the driver or registered team.
  • Remember! You must be a member of Club Gold to have your points kept. 10 points per race attendance, 10 points for every round won, 5 points to the combo winner.

Bye runs:

  • Bye-runs are determined by random drawing for first round.
  • In subsequent rounds, bye runs are determined by the best reaction time from the previous round.
  • In the event of an even car count, the bye will be given lane choice. Then if you win; you will carry that bye run until used (ie, single run). It does not carry into the finals. Lane choice in the finals is determined by a flip of a coin.


  • Pairings are determined by the chip system.
  • Staging Director will pull chips.


  • Buyback means if you lose in first round, you can pay to get back into second round.
  • Buybacks are available only after 1st round, in all classes. You may not buy back in once second round has begun.
  • The buyback fees are:
  • $40 for TOP ET and MOD ET on Saturday.
  • $60 for TOP ET and MOD ET on Sunday.
  • $25 for Street on either day.
  • $40 for Bike/Snowmobile/ATV on either day.
  • All buybacks will re-enter into 2nd round.
  • ALL BUYBACKS WILL RUN TOGETHER at the beginning of 2nd round.
  • If we have an odd number of buyback vehicles; then the odd car will be put into the shuffle of vehicles in that round.
  • No points will be awarded to a driver or team who bought back in for that race.

Breakage policy:

  • If you break coming off the trailer and never make a pass, and you leave before eliminations, you will receive a full credit.
  • If you break in the water box or on a time run before eliminations, a partial credit will be issued (I.e. the difference your entry fee and fun race fee for that day.

Disagreements or "call it how we see it"

  • If you disagree with something, it is your responsibility to bring it to the attention of the race director BEFORE it is too late to do anything about it.
  • GLD event directors decisions are FINAL.
  • The track scoreboards are unofficial and are for convenience only, and what the tower clocks report will be used if any problems arise.
  • All policies are subject to change. We will fix any problems in the future, but not in the past!

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