VP113 by the gallon - Leaded

# RGLVP113
 VP Racing Fuels
VP113 by the gallon -  Leaded

Offering substantial power gains at a competitive price, VP113 is oxygenated to street gas levels.

Formulated for naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 14:1.

VP113 makes up to 2% more power than competitive 110 octane fuels, with gains of 3-4% in engine applications with poor or marginal fuel vaporization qualities. Its oxygenation also yields a higher effective octane rating and greater protection against detonation.

May require a tuning change, including increase in jet size, for optimum performance.

COLOR: Green

MON: 109

RON: 118

R+M/2: 113

SPEC. GRAV. .719 at 60 degrees fahrenheit

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